TA Sport Stars School Clubs



Early Bird Star Clubs

TA Sport Stars offer a chance for your child to be up and active ready for the day at School by joining one of our fun, active and engaging Early Bird Star Clubs. This Club helps parents/guardians avoid the morning rush and traffic with sessions starting at approximately 8am, statistics indicate that by starting the day with exercise can actually improve concentration levels and allow you to feel energised for the day ahead.
Participating in Sport is one of the best ways to improve concentration and behaviour, with TA Sport Stars we aim to support children in not just developing their sport skills but on how to present yourself in the correct sporting manner, as in sportsmanship by learning how to be good winners as well as losers.

5 Star Lunchtime Provision and Clubs

TA Sport Stars are launching Lunchtime sport provision with a playground developed series of multi-sport workstations. This all depends on your School requirements and available space as all sessions can be delivered either on playgrounds, fields, School Halls or any space available. With the pressures that every School face to ensure children achieve academic grades, we provide a service and perfect solution to guarantee physically they do not miss out. Not only do our lunch clubs provide a safe, exciting and enjoyable environment for your child to succeed in but in the past, we have had feedback that these clubs actually improve pupil’s behaviour. The lunch clubs also provide an ideal opportunity to prepare school teams for upcoming tournaments and events. Over the years we have helped coach school teams to compete in numerous competitions and build strategies to develop chances of lifting a trophy but mainly having fun because they understand a style of play.

If your school think this could be beneficial at lunchtime and the children will no longer feel potentially bored and frustrated, TA Sport Stars have a variety of Sport Stations that can be set up at the school, these include:


  • Mini Football Matches
  • Unihoc Games
  • Kwik Cricket and Diamond Cricket
  • Basketball and Netball shooting hoops games
  • Short Tennis games and around the world
  • Badminton – Summer ONLY (Wind restrictions if outside)
  • Rounders, Baseball or Scatterball
  • Handball Matches
  • Invasion Games such as Capture the Flag
  • Dodgeball

After School Clubs

TA Sport Stars After School Clubs are a great way for children to spend a safe, engaging, energetic hour of sport from 15:15pm onwards. A team member from the Sport Stars company will ensure that participants end the day having lots of fun and exercise. All that the children need to do is get ready when the School day finishes and one of the TA Sport Stars team will put together a fantastic hour of sport!

Our After-School Clubs are hugely popular with Schools, parents and children so please be sure to act fast in order to secure your space. If your sport star is already a skilled sports star or just beginning to develop their skills, they will thoroughly enjoy the Sports Clubs, as one thing’s for sure we cater for all school and participant needs.



*Important message for parents*

TA Sport Stars have important Covid-19 protocol and procedures in place to ensure the safety and well-being of your child. This has been trialled and tested throughout the 6 weeks of summer whilst running our 6 week holiday camp.

For more information on how we will operate please contact myself Tom Austin via email info@tasportstars.com.

Thank you!