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TA Sport Stars Holiday Camps

TA Sport Stars provide lots of fun and exciting activities for children aged 5 – 14 years. Our sport camps allow your child a place to stay active, learn new skills, have fun and to make friends. All games are designed to keep your children active, cater for all ages (split into groups) and go away with the feeling that they can’t wait to come back again!

The TA Sport Stars Camps provide a great way to allow all children, regardless of their sporting ability, an environment to develop new skills, confidence progression, enjoy being physically active and have lots of fun.
All staff members/coaches are fully qualified, DBS checked and take part in training plus shadowing sessions to ensure they meet the highest standards possible. One thing we can guarantee is that TA Sport Stars will ensure safety is paramount and that every child is well looked after in a safe and happy environment.

Organised sports camp plan

TA Sport Stars plan a sporting timetable for every camp to ensure every child will experience a variety of safe, fun and engaging activities packed into each day. A plan is in place to maximise every child’s sporting experience with regular breaks to recharge ready for the next exciting activity.
Here at TA Sport Stars we cover a wide range of different sports so children can experience sports they may never or do not have the chance to play.
All camps run during the school holidays throughout the year for your children to enjoy, even at Christmas we plan to organise a special camp for a magical time of year.

“Star Days” on camp

Here at TA Sport Stars we like to offer “Star Days” which are big events offering something completely different to a regular day on camp. This can be anything from inflatable fun as in a Total Wipeout Sweeper, Nerf Wars, Go-Karting, Football Festivals and much more! All the information will be on the website including a timetable of the events and sports running every day on camp.

We know from previous experience parents/guardians may have an early start or need that little extra time to collect children which is why we offer the early drop off and extra time collection.

  • Half day 9AM-12:30PM
  • Full day 9AM-4PM
  • Extended day 8:30AM-5:30PM
  • Early drop off 8AM
  • Extra time collection 5PM

TA Sport Stars key points

* To stay active

* Enjoyable experience for all children and build confidence

* Meet new friends

* Take part in new sports

* Feel safe and secure

* A reputation where loyalty and reliability is key

* Correct age groups playing together

* All TA Sport Stars Camp coaches are fully trained, DBS-checked, Paediatric First Aid Trained, Advanced Safeguarding, checked through Safer Recruitment and now Prevention of Covid-19 certified

* Every coach aims to keep children active and entertained all day

* TA Sport Stars provide the opportunity to participate in exciting “Star Days”. These activities include Go-Karting, Nerf Wars, Total Wipeout Sweeper, Water Fun Days and much more which will constantly be advertised.

* It’s also important to note that camps are currently in the process of being Ofsted Registered in our excellent school-based facilities. TA Sport Stars will therefore be able to accept “Childcare Vouchers” as part of full payment, which is a great way to save even more money on your booking!

TA Sport Stars Teen Camps

This is an opportunity for 12 – 14 year old’s to enjoy different sports, challenges and to meet new people when booking on to Sports Camp.

The aim of this is to create fun, energetic and higher level activities for older children. Delivered by our high-energy coaches with games which involve anything from Football to Capture the Flag. Just like the Multi-sport programme this is designed to develop the core skills necessary  within an older age group with more advanced games.

TA Sport Stars Academy (Free)

When your child turns 15 they can join the Star Academy as a voluntary coach. The aim of this role is to build confidence, develop leadership skills and learn a variety of life skills. Other important skills that your child will take away from this role are:

  • Teamwork – understanding the importance of a close knit relationship with team members. The objective is to promote a friendly atmosphere as by having a great team cohesion can bring success
  • Planning and Organising – as a coach it is important to have objectives and targets to achieve different goals in sport. This is a vital task to learn for later in life and with TA Sport Stars we can help develop this skill
  • Confidence – Confidence is about believing in yourself, feeling comfortable in your own ability and knowing you have worth. If you are confident then people will believe you and this generally brings success
  • Social Skills – these are an integral part of functioning in society, in life displaying professional manners, communicating effectively and being considerate are just some of the important life lessons to learn. TA Sport Stars can help develop this and produce different ways of interacting when it comes to coaching a variety of children

Your child will work alongside the TA Sport Stars coaches and have a workbook with different levels covering areas of coaching designed by Tom Austin. Topics will cover health and safety, engaging with children, behavioural techniques and delivery of sport games.

At the end of the 6 weeks of summer and after observation, your coach will supply you with feedback about your planning and delivery when asked to lead a small group accompanied by a TA Sport Star qualified coach. When signing up you will receive a T-Shirt and Evaluation form to help with vital feedback to help you if willing to pursue your career in coaching.

*Please note – Volunteer will only receive Camp t-shirt if working for more than 2 weeks of Summer or the whole of Easter Camp!

Please email to sign up to the TA Sport Stars Camp Academy position.

TA Sport Stars Safeguarding promise

Here at TA Sport Stars we are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. Safer recruitment is integral to the way we deliver sessions, therefore all staff members and volunteers are expected to share our commitment to safeguarding, always creating an environment where young people feel safe and can thrive. We also supply a variety of training on a regular basis with policy and protocol to follow to ensure that safety is the number one priority. If you wish to know more about how we operate please feel free to contact Tom Austin who can discuss procedures in place.