Specialist Coaching
1on1 or Small Groups

TA Sport Stars Specialist coaching sessions take the learning environment a stage further into high-level and challenging training scenarios. Children who have been identified as gifted and talented participate in smaller more focused groups with a highly qualified and experienced coach. Depending on the sport TA Sport Stars will deliver coaching sessions to help further develop understanding and key skills in order to reach the next level.

We also offer an opportunity for children who aim to develop their own personal level, this option is for anyone of any ability who wishes to improve different aspects of their sport!

Key Points and Objectives

  • Challenging sessions for gifted and talented students to fulfil their potential
  • Using links to offer routes into professional clubs and top academies
  • Aim to create opportunities for learners to compete at a very high level and at the top of their game
  • Games and skills to help develop a range of abilities

How the Sessions operate

  • 1 on 1 sessions for an hour after School or on a weekend at a chosen location by TA Sport Stars
  • Small group session for an hour again after school or over the weekend at a location relevant for TA Sport Stars

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