Little Stars Multi-Sport clubs

“Encouragement, confidence, enjoyment and physical/social development”

During the week on a term time basis, TA Sport Stars offer a variety of multi-sport clubs around the Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and Berkshire regions.

The classes include a variety of sports which can help the development of different skills needed when attending Primary School. In actual fact these classes offer the stepping stone of physical development and education which is completely beneficial for children.

The Department of Health suggest that at least three hours of physical activity across the day for children in the early years. Joining a TA Sport Stars multi-sport club for one hour will 100% help keep your child active and entertained whilst learning new and exciting activities. All our sessions strongly link with the EYFS and are designed with over 10 years experience and qualifications within the early years.

Session format

The sessions run on a weekly basis and each week there will be a different sport/activity to ensure all the children have the chance to learn a new skill. The key points for each session is shown on the picture below, including different games each club will provide.

NEW CLUBS will begin from September 2020!